How to Conduct Your Own Garage Door Repair

Understanding the mechanism of garage door is necessary while conducting a garage door repair project. Don’t ignore the fact that every mechanical device has a tendency to break with the passage of time.

Therefore the garage door tends to develop issues due to frequent use. Thus, it needs proper repair and maintenance occasionally. Here is a brief guide about the garage door mechanism, its potential problems, and the required solutions.

How does the garage door work?

There are two important components of garage door, one is the door itself and the other is mechanical equipment including garage door opener and springs that are responsible to open or close the garage door.  Most of the problems that crop up with the garage door are because either one or two equipment is not working completely.

DIY garage door repair techniques

When the garage door swings upward, the spring tension is established. Garage door runs on the special metal tracks that are placed at the above garage door. When the garage door starts making loud noises, gets jam at any point, does not move smoothly, the issue lies with the traction. There are plenty of techniques to fix the garage door on your own but it is highly suggested that hire a professional garage door repair in Basehor handle your garage door. These technicians have the right knowledge, tools, and techniques to deal with complex problems.

  • Make sure that metal tracks of garage doors are in a good working position. These tracks should be mounted along with the hinges. Look for the any dented or crimped signs. If you found any dented area, use a wooden hammer to straighten the tracks. If there is a serious issue, replace them quickly.
  • Inspect the alignment of the tracks and springs. These tracks should be mounted and aligned with each other to operate the garage door perfectly. If you experience any discrepancy then loose the screws and adjust them to align the tracks. You should have some professional tools like spanners and screwdriver to fix them.

  • Make sure that all the moving parts including rollers and springs should be lubricated. You can use any lubricant spray to keep them moving. You will have to clean the rollers and tracks with the cotton cloth to remove dust and accumulated grease. If you found any rusted or broken area then simply replace them because they may no longer respond.
  • Check if there is something blocking the path of the garage door sensor. Sectional or roller garage door has tended to jam when there is accumulated grease or dust obstructing the path of the sensor. Clean the eye of the sensor to make it work. You can use the flashlight to do a deep inspection. In these cases, the garage door will jam at its half path to opening.


Caution: Never attempt garage door repair or garage door springs on your own because these are dangerous projects. It is strongly recommended that you hire a professional garage door expert to help you in this regard. It is a good decision that garage door replacement should be done by the professional technician because any loose or damaged part can be extremely dangerous.




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