About Us

There are just as many websites around that can give you all the legitimate information you need. We want to address that by coming up with this website. We are your to go to online platform for any political news you’d want to know about. Although this site had originally been created to give updates during the past elections, that does not stop us from expanding our horizon and bringing you the most up-to-date political news.

What we see as a problem nowadays is the barrier that divides the general public from the politicians. The cause of this is the lack of transparency especially on the projects and works being made by the latter. The information being released are limited and sometimes vague which raises doubt to the public. Whether it is intentional or simply incidental, this website aims to address this by filling the gaps of the information that is lacking. By doing this, we hope that we can bring more unity between the public and the politicians we have. We hope to build a stronger tie that would bring these two entities together.

Ge2017 is a website that has been established in 2016. It started serving the public even before the presidential election to give updates on what’s been happening in both political parties – the Republican and the Democratic. We give real-time updates that keep the people informed from the start to finish. Even after the election was done, we still continued helping our countrymen get all related political information they need. From the oath taking to the President’s first State of the Union Address, we covered it all here. We even give the public news on the meetings of the new president to other country rulers around the world. We serve as the eye of the people to give them only legitimate news.

Stay tuned for more only here at Ge2017.

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