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Are you affiliated to any other newsgroup or news sites?

We are a single entity. We are non-profit and not at all affiliated with any organizations – government or not. We are not also in any way related to any other news sites nor groups. What we are is an online platform that will give you legitimate political news that would keep you updated wherever you are in the world.


Is this a member-only site?

Our website is open to everyone. Although you need to register an account if you want to interact with other guests in the forum site or if you wish to post a review at our testimonials page, the rest of the articles and content here are available even if you do not have one. We do not also charge for any membership fee nor any services we provide here.


Do you accept advertisements here?

Yes, we do. If you want to advertise with us, we would be happy to be your partner. Please connect with us via our contact details in the Contact Us page. Our customer representative would immediately assist you and forward you to our concerned unit. Please wait for a call from them and let us talk about your plans.


Can I download articles that are posted here?

You can download the articles we upload here straight to your tablets or smartphones. Just choose what format you want it to be and you can already download it to your devices.

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