Validity and Effective of Stop, Question, and Frisk: Where Do You Stand?

Stop, question, and frisk is seen as a necessary tool to promote community safety.  When implemented properly, it is a useful tactic that can complement other policing strategies such as the use of surface mount resistor to promote crime prevention and reduction.  Knowing the background of the law makes people understand the reason behind the implementation of this policing practice.  One of the benefits of this approach is that law enforcers can focus their policing interventions and strategies in high-risk areas where crimes thrive.  One research supports the claim that stop, question, and frisk could be used to deter crimes in areas with high crime rates.  Researchers observed that this benefit also spread to nearby communities and its crime prevention effects even extended for several days.  One more research showed that stop, question, and frisk produced a significant effect in crime prevention especially when police officers concentrate their efforts in hotspot areas. However, the researchers acknowledged that this is not necessarily the most recommended strategy to deter crimes as it takes so much time to conduct.  They recommended assessing other policing interventions and strategies that could produce the same or better crime prevention and reduction outcomes.  Their study also revealed how people felt towards this police practice.  Since its implementation, there has been much controversy regarding the use of stop, question, and frisk.  They question the objectivity and legitimacy of the procedure.  In the process, the public might continue to lose their trust in the police and justice system.

The stop, question, and frisk approach has received a lot of negative feedback because people saw this as a way for police officers and law enforcers to propagate discrimination against other races and ethnic groups.  This was supported by a research that found out that those with African and Hispanic ancestry were stopped more often than whites.  The data presented by the New York Civil Liberties Union showed that police officers conducted a stop, question, and frisk more than 5 million times since 2002.  However, those individuals turned out to be innocent 90% of the time.  But it was alarming to note that they conducted this procedure to blacks and Latinos most of the time which suggested racial discrimination.  Studies such as this prompt the police department to re-evaluate their practices and has led to the decline of the use of stop, question, and frisk among police officers.  At the same time, we have seen a decline in the crime rate.  What changed was police officers were more mindful of doing stop, question, and frisk.  They kept in mind the constitutionality of the procedure and that they had to have a valid and reasonable ground before conducting a stop, question, and frisk.

At the end of the day, stop, question, and frisk is a useful tactic as long as it is implemented properly.  Police officers should be able to exercise appropriate judgment according to the situation.  They should address issues regarding racial discrimination.  Stop, question, and frisk can complement other police practices and strategies in crime prevention and reduction.


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Legitimate Political News within Your Reach

It was already several months after the last election. Are you not wondering now what happened to the people you voted for? Do you wish to know what are the improvements they have done to the city to date? If these are among the information you want to be informed of, then it is just right that you are on this website. We are going to give you the recent and most up-to-date news when it comes to the political scenes in the United States.

Ge2017 was made specifically for this purpose – to monitor the regular happenings in the life of our politicians at present. We aim for a more transparent governance, thus we do this. We know you are wondering the same thing too so we are here to help. This is the right time when we should be more aware of where our taxes go and if they are being utilized efficiently. The problem now is that our government lack the transparency the people they rule over deserve. Because of this, it raises questions and sometimes doubts to the general public.

We have started as a website that is made to give people the news about the politicians who are running for the election. We gave you comprehensive information about them, their backgrounds, and what they have already accomplished – previous politicians or not. We brought you to know them better and to discover what they hide behind closed doors. We have you enough ammunition so that you can know who deserves your votes. We followed through our promise to be by your side from the start to the finish. We are even there during the actual counting to update you real time. Even as focus on your Tempe garage door installation, we never left you behind with our juicy news. Now, we are still here to cover the most recent event up until the next election.

The problem now with our times at present is that it is difficult to find an online platform that can give you legitimate news. Even authority websites sometimes can be misleading because they have their own favorites when it comes to political parties. You are always left wondering if what you are getting is legit or just a product of their imagination. This is crucial since what they write can influence your decisions or your perspective.

With Ge2017, you can put to rest your worries. The news we produce here is authentic and unbiased. We do not lean on any political parties or politicians. We are our very own entity which simply helps out the public in getting to know more about the people who they voted for, and who they will vote for in the future. What we give here are simply facts. No more and no less. We won’t trick you with the information we have. Instead, we’ll give you all the information you need to make a rational decision.

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